Lean Closet: Fall/Winter 2015 Summary

Finally! Here they are... all 33 items in my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet6 Shoes6 Bottoms6 Tees6 Sweaters4 Blouses, 1 Dress, and 4 Jackets

Things to note:

I own and wear a lot of black. White too. The last tip to having a small wardrobe is to focus on a consistent color palette. Obviously, with only 33 items of clothing to choose from everyday, being mindful of color choices is key to having more outfit options. The more items that can work together, the more combinations available. I gravitate towards greys, black, white and blues with hints of gold thrown in. Choosing only one dark neutral (black vs. brown or navy) has simplified things, especially my shoe palette. No more brown boots vs. black pants vs. navy belt. This Fall/Winter has also been a time of holiday parties, funerals, and cold weather so the subtle palette has suited me. I imagine my Spring/Summer Lean Closet is going to welcome a bit more color into my life!  

I admit that this palette is very simple and not as exciting as it could be. The main reason for this is that I don't shop a lot. I heart style and fashion but don't love to spend my budget on clothing (just by choice, I'd rather travel, but I'm also an under-buyer). Most of these items are three to nine years old!! Many cost under $100 (actually a majority cost under $30)!

This wardrobe is also rather casual. I'm in a place that I can wear the same clothes to work, out in the evening, and on weekends. My lifestyle has shifted from more formal and corporate in NYC to casual and interesting in SF. I do know that a capsule wardrobe can work for any lifestyle though. 

Another observation: I'm already noticing a few of these items wearing out or no longer fitting the way I'd like. So, there might be a few swaps even before the beginning of May when I re-sort and reorganize for my next 6-month capsule. I try not to think about my wardrobe outside of November and May but if something isn't working, I consider replacing it quickly so I don't feel deprived by the dwindling count. :) One of my goals with my closet overall is to acquire higher quality and more responsible clothing over time. Stay tuned.  

Enough of this clothing thing... until May ;)

+ In addition to having a consistent color palette, here are some other ideas to help with wardrobe selection:
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