Lean Closet: My Tees (Fall/Winter 2015)

I am a t-shirt-and-jeans kind of girl. Plus heels and fancy lingerie but that’s another post. ;) I feel like our closets can get filled with tees because they are pervasive and affordable. In San Francisco, companies seem to give away a new shirt for every milestone they accomplish. Every band I go to see sells merch to help pay for the tour. We collect these shirts through the years and never seem to let them go.

I’ve seen articles and posts on organizing closets that have stacks upon stacks; organized by color, sleeve-length, neckline, material. Oh my! I don’t think we need to organize our tees, I think we just need to own fewer of them. I own 6 tees in my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet and that gives me almost one a day for the week before I do laundry.

I keep shirts within my seasonal palette and try to wear them as layers as well as on their own with just about every bottom I own. To own fewer items of clothing, most pieces must work in multiple outfits.

(one concert tee, three outfits)

(one concert tee, three outfits)

I even dress up my Maiden tee with a skirt or heels!

What about you? Are you drowning in t-shirts?

+ Getting rid of all of my other t-shirts took some time. There were some I kept as mementos that held a lot of emotion. There were some that were completely worn out and therefore the softest things ever. Now I try not to keep things as memories and I let clothing go when it no longer flatters me.

+ As with pants, Capsule Wardrobes, like this one, usually don’t count workout or lounge wear. The tees I workout in and play soccer in are not included here.