I work with people to organize their values and streamline their lives. The best and most sustainable way to get our s**t together is by letting go of the things that don’t matter.

Are you overwhelmed? Would you like your space to better reflect you and what’s important to you?

We can transform any aspect of your lifestyle by simplifying, decluttering, and removing distractions, creating space for what matters to you. Working with what you already have, we can reclaim your closet, your calendar, your budget, or the space under your bed.

During our first session, we will discuss your current goals and issues. We’ll identify your priorities and use them as a framework for making decisions about what to keep in your life and what to let go. By the end of the session we’ll have made a transformation, and you’ll be empowered with new tools and sustainable systems!

Email me to get started: jamie@theessentialists.com
All sessions are judgment-free and confidential.

“I feel empowered after every session with Jamie. I get clearer in my visions and intentions for my life. I feel less weighed down by the inanimate things and more inspired and energetic for my passions and priorities.”

“Jamie is a healing angel organizing superhuman... She'll keep you on task, all while holding space for your own unique process of letting go. And she does it with ease, love, and humor.”

“Now the things I keep and own have meaning and purpose for being there. And I have manageable systems for keeping the clutter and disarray out of my apartment. I feel proud of my home. I can relax in my home. And most importantly, I feel like myself at home. I no longer feel lost and buried in my own space.”