May Habit: Oops! A Do-Over

Hi there! I wasn't very active on the blog this month so I wanted to check in. I had started to write a number of posts but then something would always come up or I'd lose the momentum. I feel like there are a lot of changes happening so stay tuned!

This month has been consuming: 

+ Peanut turned 1! We gathered over Passover with all sorts of family on the East Coast. He got to celebrate with most of his grandparents, all of his cousins and his aunts and uncles! It was super fun and low key with homemade apple cupcakes made to look like beehives and some of his Instagram photos hanging from strings around the room. <3

+ We got to live in Brooklyn for a week and check out life there with a baby. Greg worked and I really missed having some childcare but Peanut and I had fun. Some highlights were Baby DJ School, Smorgasburg, Radegast Beer Garden, yummy chicken & waffles, and hanging out with some of our favorite people. ;)


+ We've started to rent out our house again when we're away! We rented out a room for a while before and during my pregnancy but baby sleep hasn't been conducive to having guests. Ah, but now when we travel, it's a great way to keep the house useful and help fund our trips a bit. Even with our Lean Home, it's still a lot of work though. 

+ And I got sick again for the 4th time since Peanut was born. :/ Is this a postpartum thing because that's about 3.5 times more than usual for me? It's always after we get back from travel. Luckily Peanut doesn't usually catch it. (Speaking of being sick... today, April 29th, is National Drug Take Back Day! It's the best way to dispose of all of those drugs and medications that you don't need anymore. In SF, you can just drop them off at any police station, no questions asked!)

So I try to practice what I preach. When things start to feel overwhelming, I focus life down to the essentials for a little while. And that's what we've been doing around here: just the basics... no extra projects and little success on 8-Hour April

May Habit: Oops, an 8-Hour Do-Over ;)
For May, our habit will be to retry getting 8 hours of sleep a night. It's been going okay but we have some adjustments to make. In reading about baby sleep training (and talking with some girlfriends), I'm reminded that we have natural sleep rhythms and sleep windows. If Peanut misses his nap window, he won't fall asleep easily. We're the same! There's a window for most of us from around 6-8pm, another from 9-11pm, and then if we push through that one, another from 1-2am. I'm learning that if I'm not in bed by around 10, I have a much harder time getting sleep. Like babies, the later I stay up, the earlier I wake up. Ugh.

Let's do this! Ahem Greg!!