Lean (Maternity) Closet: Fall/Winter 2016

Now that November is well on its way, I'm overdue for my next six-month capsule wardrobe! (Here's last season's, an intro to a capsule wardrobe or Lean Closet, and some tips for cleaning out your closet.)

I started dreaming about my Fall/Winter capsule in July when the city was getting really hot and I wanted it to be cool and cozy. High-waisted jeans and fitted cable-knit sweaters were on the list. And then I found out I was pregnant so I decided to rethink things a little bit! (I'm still using the original three adjectives to guide this process: rocker, preppy, feminine.)

Here they are... all 33 items in my Fall/Winter 2016 Lean Closet:

The timing of my pregnancy was pretty lucky regarding my Lean Closet. My Spring/Summer closet usually lasts me through October and I was able to wear most of it through that fourth month. The timespan of this capsule will include my larger pregnancy months and a few weeks of postpartum. So I feel like I just need one small wardrobe for this adventure focusing on cozy, comfy, wintry clothes!

Maternity clothes are annoying and can be really expensive or feel really cheap. I wanted to limit the number of new pieces to buy, especially maternity-specific ones. But due to my expanding belly, a number of my existing items no longer fit :/ If I was going to spend the money, I wanted to focus on cute pieces I can wear indefinitely plus a few pregnancy-specific pieces to wear daily over the next six months. I'm also using this as an opportunity to wear out some old tees and sweaters that probably wouldn't make the cut to stick around for next year's capsule.

Most days, I plan on wearing a tee or tank under a sweater with a pair of maternity jeans.
+ 8 items were carried over from my Spring/Summer 2015 wardrobe (including my clutch)
+ 13 items came from storage
+ 6 new maternity items were purchased (including my favorite maternity jeans 1/2 off!)
+ 6 other new items were purchased/replaced

I'm still making the final decisions... other than that, I'm set in my small wardrobe for a while and it feels pretty great! I'm ready for holiday parties, trips to the snow, and my changing shape ;)

Thoughts? Maternity advice? Have you shifted your wardrobe yet?