Not So Minimalist But Definitely Essentialist!

Hello again! Two things to celebrate!: the first is that Greg and I are expecting a baby boy in early Spring! I have been completely out of commission for four months but feel like I'm turning a corner out of the misery that is severe 24/7 morning sickness. I'm so full of joy and gratitude for this little boy.

It was hard to feel absolutely useless for so long but the journey taught me a lotabout my body, my limits and getting help. I was again reminded of how helpful Essentialism has been in my life: putting almost everything on pause was a challenge so I was constantly reminded of my priorities and grateful for some simplicity.

I know I haven't been around for the last few months but I'm hoping that will soon change. This brings us to my second celebration: my Blogiversary!

This is my 77th post (!!!). A year ago today, after months of talking and thinking and planning, I overcame a huge fear of public exposure and published my first post. This blog has been a great way to teach and learn about my favorite topics. I'm hoping to continue with enthusiasm into my second year with most likely a slightly slower posting schedule. My goal is once a week for now... we'll see how it goes. I have been thinking about the blog and this lifestyle so much recently and am excited to see how things shift along with my new adventure.

Now that we're telling friends and family our news, the first thing we hear (well, maybe second) is "good luck with your lifestyle and a baby!" While I'm not necessarily out to prove them wrong, I do see this as a challenge that I'd like to explore. I don't see the blog turning into a baby blog but as my life changes, so do my values. I'm working out what this all means. For this month I'm starting my next capsule wardrobe and jumping back on the monthly experiments wagon. Woot!

Stay tuned dear friends! xo