Lean Closet: Spring/Summer 2015

OMG OMG... it's May and the beginning of my next six-month capsule wardrobe! 

(Here's last season's, an intro to a capsule wardrobe or Lean Closet, and some tips for cleaning out your closet.)

Since I wear the same 33 items for six months, the last few weeks I get a little antsy thinking about and trying out new items or old ones from storage. A little more color? Yes please! No more turtlenecks? Merci! A couple of new pieces added? How exciting!

Here they are... all 33 items in my Spring/Summer 2015 Lean Closet:
(++ are new items and + are items from storage. Note that I'm still making a few final decisions on the wardrobe... color of shoes, etc)

I've said this a few times but we only have two seasons in SF and these days it's feeling more like one. The drought has made it rather warm and dry most of the time. That said, summer can be our coldest time of year because of the wind. So, while I considered removing my vest or decreasing the number of jackets, we had a really cool day over the weekend and that shut down my normal-summer-weather fantasy ;)

I have 19 items carried over from my Fall/Winter 2015 wardrobe, 9 items from storage, and 5 new items! (I try to keep my clothing and shoe budget to under $600 per year.) You'll notice there's a lot less black and a little more color with bright yellows and soft blues. I have a few final decisions to make and a small shopping list for the next few months including a new bikini. Other than that, I'm set in my small wardrobe for a while and it feels pretty great!

Thoughts? Votes? Are you working on a capsule wardrobe too?