Lean Closet Midway Favorites

+ My birthday is next week! I'm going to take some or all of the week off from blogging (and Airbnb hosting) to enjoy a little staycation. We're then going on an adventure to Big Sur next weekend before a wedding near Carmel. See you back here after! xo

I'm halfway through my six month capsule wardrobe or My Spring/Summer 2015 Lean Closet. I thought it'd be fun to note some of my favorites, some exchanges I've made, and some items I have barely worn. 

I've been really happy with this capsule. I've had appropriate attire for every occasion from weddings to funerals and 50° to 100° weather. Yay, more color and two new pairs of shoes. Dressing has been easy, packing has been easy and laundry has been easy! As a reminder, here are the 33 items in my Spring/Summer 2015 Lean Closet: 
(++ were new items and + were items from storage.)

First, some of the changes I've made. When I first posted about this, I had a few pairs of shoes I was deciding on. I chose the mushroom wedges over the white ones and I returned the flats, replacing them with a pair of sandals I saw on some Japanese girl in New York! ;) The other change was small. Early on, I decided that my grey paint-strokes skirt didn't feel summery to me so I replaced it with a lightweight cotton black dress that I've owned for years and years. Two airy dresses and one skirt seem to be the right quantity of hot weather items for me in this mild climate. 

So, on to some of my favorite combinations from the wardrobe:

To meet clients: light blue blazer, black jeans and sandals
To a concert: Ride muscle tee, black jeans and converse
At a wedding: aztec dress and yellow-tipped heels

On a date: bees tee, white jeans and yellow-tipped heels
For a party: yellow skirt, endless summer tee and yellow-tipped heels
(Pardon not looking at the camera... I wasn't feeling great during this "shoot".)

I obviously still wear my yellow heels a ton and love my black and white jeans. There are a few items that haven't seen heavy rotation due to the warm, dry weather like my white cardigan (it's thick!) and rain coat (haven't worn it once!). I'm also looking to increase the wear of my lace tee and both striped sweaters... things that I wore a lot more this time last year. Maybe things will shift a little in October when it starts to cool off a bit!

Have you noticed any changes in your style or favorites? If you do a three-month capsule wardrobe, are you getting ready for fall? I LOVE fall and can't wait for football, cozy evenings and the autumn bounty from the farms!