Lean (Maternity) Closet Midway Favorites

I’m more than halfway through my Fall/Winter capsule wardrobe and wanted to do a midway update! If you remember from my original Fall/Winter 2016 Lean Closet post, this capsule needed to take me from four months pregnant to maybe a month postpartum and I didn’t want to invest in a lot of maternity-specific clothes.

(Here are my Lean Closet Midway Favorites from last capsule. I miss you, 6-week pregnant body! I don’t miss you, horrible morning sickness!)

I’ve been really happy with my closet this capsule and kind of amazed that most of the items still fit. They have taken me through 15lbs of weight gain (and still going!), 80° and sunny SF days, 30° and snowy Tahoe nights and all of the El Niño-ness in between. I’ve worn every item many times!

I actually ended up having more options than I wanted and a few pieces that didn’t seem right. I returned a few things and donated a couple more to reduce the lineup to 28 items (well, 29 if you count my clutch). I expected to wear pumps just a few times and the new plaid ones weren’t even that comfortable so I returned them and pulled out my old pair of peep toes. I returned a scarf, exchanged a sweater, donated another one and stored a sweater, tee and boots.  

As for comfort during pregnancy, I have decided to embrace that I’m a casual, somewhat lazy pregnant girl. It's helpful to have a nice sweater and dressier black jeans but as predicted, I spend most days in my maternity jeans, a tee or tank and a sweater. My most worn items and those I’d recommend for any maternity capsule are:
1. A quality pair of maternity jeans that can fit through the whole journey (after trying numerous brands, I was happiest with Paige Denim Skyline under-the-belly which I scored half-off at Nordstrom!)
2. A stretchy pair of pants... leggings if you’re a leggings girl (I just use my only “athletic” pants, Outdoor Voices sweats and appreciate the stretch.)
3. A long tank that can cover any size belly and fit under any non-maternity sweater or shirt (I prefer the Ingrid & Isabel maternity tanks and might continue to wear them postpartum.)
4. A maternity sweater (or cowl-neck shirt in my case, again from Ingrid & Isabel) that fits indefinitely and makes you feel put together
5. And a non-maternity cardigan that can make any outfit warmer with at least one button that will close (I upgraded to an Everlane wool cardigan and plan to wear it for years!)

So, a few of my favorite combinations from the wardrobe:

To travel: tee, black jeans, warm oversize cardigan and slip-ons
To chill: athletic pants and tee, down vest and slip-ons

For the holidays: white tank, cable sweater, white jeans and converse
For work: blazer, plaid scarf, jeans and slip-ons

On a date: cowl neck sweater, jeans and wedge boots
For a party: black mesh sweater, black jeans and peep toes

How’s your wardrobe or Lean Closet looking? Usually around this time of year I start to get antsy thinking about the Spring and what I might like for the next capsule. Color! Sandals! Instead, I’m focusing on the birth (3-7 weeks!!), being kind to my body and trying to feel okay in general. I can’t imagine I’ll be back with my Spring/Summer 2016 Lean Closet in early May but we will see. I’ll need something to wear ;)

+ Note to self: It’s not the best idea to take lots of photos at 8-months pregnant. You will feel and look even more awkward than usual.

++ I haven’t looked at clothes recently so I was excited to see that Topshop has named some jeans after my first and middle names ;) Now, when will I be able to wear these? And thank goodness I’m not a Joni. :D