Lean Closet: My Jackets & Accessories (Fall/Winter 2015)

So let’s discuss style now. If you have clarity around your style, it’s simpler to shop for and own the clothes that are “just right” for you! I’m actually a big believer in choosing three adjectives to describe and guide your vision. This requires you to mindfully sit down and think through style-related words, picking the three that most represent what you’re going for. It’s so worth it! Plus, this exercise helps prevent acquiring items that work for other people but not necessarily for you.

My style adjectives for the last couple of years have been rocker, preppy and feminine. When deciding to keep or buy an item of clothing, I try to make sure it embodies at least two of them. The ivory leather jacket (above) is a good example of an item manifesting all three! (I have 3 Jackets and 1 Blazer in my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet.)

Balancing these three words also really helps me build outfits. My Maiden tee is plenty rocker with a feminine fit so I try to add prep or a little more girliness to better suit me. If an outfit needs some femininity, I add a pair of heels or a ruffle. If an outfit needs some preppiness, a cardigan or my navy blazer is all I need.

Accessories are another great way to add a style element to an outfit...

I don’t count these accessories in my 33-item wardrobe but the six of them get used regularly so they’re worth mentioning:
+ Gold bow belt: my only belt right now, it helps to nip in a waist or add girliness to any outfit.
+ Grandpa's gold watch: if I need a watch or want to think of him.
+ Gold leather clutch: Laura, I did it! I have retired my favorite floral wallet after six years of daily use! This new clutch is a wallet and a purse as well. It holds my cards, phone, keys and lipgloss with a little extra room to spare. I love that I can add the shoulder strap to make it feel more secure if out and about.
+ Wide black cashmere scarf: makes any outfit warmer and also serves as a travel shawl and blanket. (Cold airplanes!)
+ Black tights: my only pair right now. They are cabled and okay. Maybe I’ll upgrade soon!
+ Black fancy tote: a holiday present and I love it. I use it for work and for travel. It has lots of compartments (not a good thing for everyone but super for me) including a place for my laptop, notebook and clutch.

There you have it, the final elements of my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet... the bow on top!!

I'd love to know: If you had to choose three style adjectives, what would they be? (some other ideas: eclectic, urban, colorful, sophisticated, flirty, sporty, bold, quirky, outdoorsy, structured, boho, blingy, creative) And, of course, men can play too!

+ We discussed layering in my sweaters post, and of course jackets are a big part of that. If it’s cool and dry out, I wear leather. If it’s cool and wet out, I wear the hooded rain jacket. And if it’s colder, I add the down vest to either. Simple. :)

+ I don’t know if this is sad or amazing, but like Joanna Goddard, I kind of dress like a ten-year-old... plus heels. Some days a boy, some days a girl and some days a combination. Ha!