Lean Closet: My Blouses & Dress (Fall/Winter 2015)

Let’s talk about the importance of proper fit in a small wardrobe, or any wardrobe for that matter. One of the keys to having only clothing that makes you feel good is that it all needs to fit well and wear well. It’s therefore fundamental to consider your body type and material of the item when choosing or purchasing a piece.

I have curves and am petite-ish (on that 5’4” line)... I tend to buy and wear items that hug my shape so I don’t appear bulkier. I love the look of baggy sweaters and oversized tees but I now have enough experience to know I don’t feel good in them because I don’t look good in them. I stick to shapes that complement my curves (although they might appear straight on a hanger!) and/or fabrics that drape well to also accentuate my figure.

I have 4 blouses and 1 dress in my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet. They all nip in the waist or hang off the right places. I can dress them all down for daytime or up for weddings and holidays. I do tend to replace these items a little more often than other categories in my closet because they get more visible wear and I honestly get sick of them quicker. I probably buy one new blouse and maybe a dress once a year.

+ It took me fifteen years to realize that I have my own shape and style that work with only certain trends… I don’t need to embrace them all! This understanding has saved me a ton of money and has prevented purchases that would just sit in my closet unworn.

+ Update: I had a black dress and royal blue blouse in my wardrobe. I returned the blue blouse and replaced it with an old oxford. As for the dress, I wasn't wearing it enough (it's lightweight and rather worn), so I replaced it with a black leather skirt from storage. If something isn't working as I had hoped, I try to substitute it quickly so I can get the most out of my Lean Closet. ;)