Lean Closet: My Pants & Skirts (Fall/Winter 2015)

Last week, I introduced you to the 6 pairs of shoes in my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet. (A tip to keep that number low is to buy clothing to go with the shoes you already own.) Now it’s time for my pants and skirts. So exciting ;)

I have 3 pairs of pants that I wear regularly and that go with both sneakers and heels (and boots for that matter). I like to own black jeans and white jeans and wear them often. They go with most of my wardrobe and are a little more interesting to me than blue jeans. I also like to have a non-denim pair of pants—these skinny cargos get a lot of wear.

I’m still deciding on my relationship with dress pants and skirts. I love skirts and would like to wear them daily and embrace tights and feel feminine without relying on heels. But I don’t. I own 2 skirts a season and I’m happy if I wear them a couple of times a month. You see, I am conscious of where I live. Place plays an important role in small wardrobes, even beyond weather. San Francisco is an incredibly casual city… I’m often overdressed when I go out and I’m totally cool with that. (One nice bottom is probably enough for me.) San Francisco is also a windy and cool city which means my legs easily get cold and skirts fly up. I’ve added 1 pair of dress pants for nice dinners or parties when I’m not feeling a skirt or dress.

What about you? Any advice on wearing skirts more often?

+ A fun note: I had a friend in college who wore the same pair of jeans every day for a year and then would just replace them! Nobody noticed!! I’ve considered trying to just own one pair but haven’t gotten there yet ;)

+ Capsule Wardrobes, like this one, usually don’t count workout or lounge wear. I don't really know why but it's a thing. And while the pants I wear to workout in are quite essential to me, that pair and my sweats are not included here.

+ Update: I had a black dress in my wardrobe but wasn't wearing it enough (it's lightweight and rather worn), so I replaced it with this black leather skirt. If something isn't working as I had hoped, I try to substitute it quickly so I can get the most out of my Lean Closet. ;)