November Habit: Daily Gratitude and an October Habit Recap

+ Yay! It’s a new month, er was, which means a new monthly habit and a recap of last month’s. These monthly experiments help me build healthy habits, break unhealthy ones or just learn more about myself so I can figure out what’s really essential!

We didn't do a November experiment last year because I was pretty sick. I’m really excited about this year’s and looking forward to the benefits. Every day, as a family, we’re going to record something we’re grateful for. And we’re going to write it on our pumpkin squash from Halloween! Thank you internet for the idea of a Gratitude Pumpkin! We feel so blessed and it’s never too early to share healthy habits with Peanut.

(Our Gratitude Squash so far... and yes, that's "cocktails to go", inspired by New Orleans. ;) 

(Our Gratitude Squash so far... and yes, that's "cocktails to go", inspired by New Orleans. ;) 

I understand that gratitude is a pretty obvious theme for November. The daily practice of gratitude has popped into my morning or evening routines on and off over the last few years. It gets renewed every time I reread the benefits somewhere and then I eventually lose the habit. Through my obsession with Oprah, and her obsession with Brené Brown, I know for sure that gratitude is the surest path to peace and joy.

I woke up the day after the election and felt heartbroken and scared. A new, underlying layer of stress entered my world. Recently I had been feeling new things: joy and lightheartedness. Now those feelings seem overshadowed by fear. I’d like to have another option. I am genuinely concerned about the future of the country and the world and time will tell how fearful we need to be. For now, though, I’m going to choose love over fear. I’m going to try to stay open-minded and hopeful.

One way I've learned to lift my spirits is to practice gratitude on a daily basis. Whenever something is bothering me, I try to stop and find something to be grateful for instead. “I’m exhausted and therefore everything sucks.” “Wait, I get to wake up to this little angel every day. How amazing. <3” I know my little mind game isn’t going to make everything better. I’m thinking it will help us start the day with a positive mindset and even change our outcomes for the day as a result.

+ Finally, I want to share my gratitude for you, dear friends. I don't really promote the blog and I love that I have at least a few dedicated readers. You are my favorite and thank you! <3 What a great way to share my 100th post!! It also happens to be my 2nd Blogiversary! I love how that worked out. Oh, how life can change in a year

Reflections on our October Habit: 5 Things A Day... Again:
Oh boy. So, it takes time to find items to get rid of if you don’t have a lot to begin with. And it’s harder to get rid of items when life is constantly changing, like with a child. I get it. Finally.

When we took the time to get rid of 5 Things A Day, it was great. Most baby and parenting items from the first six months have been passed on. We’re back to Lean Closets. And we’re finding empty shelves and floors again. We just didn’t take the time to do this daily. Womp.

Perhaps more importantly, the intended habit did act as a reminder to stop bringing new items in. Our home and our credit cards are thankful. ;)