Lean Closet: My Sweaters (Fall/Winter 2015)

In my pants post, I discussed how place plays an important role in small wardrobes. And although this is probably true of anywhere, layering is a serious thing here in San Francisco. It is regularly sunny and in the 70’s during the day (amazing!) and then a very chilly, windy 50-something at night. We all carry around hoodies and jackets and scarves. I’m not really a layering expert, I still get cold more often than I should (note all the bare ankles in the shoes post), but I have learned to always have a sweater when I go out.

I have 6 sweaters/sweatshirts in my Fall/Winter 2015 Lean Closet. I sometimes wear them on their own but usually add them as a layer over tees and under dresses. Since we don’t have drastic seasonal changes here, I only do two capsule wardrobes a year (November-April and May-October) and most of my clothing is in both. This means that ideally an item can work in January in Tahoe and April in Napa. Layering helps me have fewer season-specific items!