2015 Habit Superlatives

As the end of the year is approaching, I wanted to take a little time to reflect on the monthly experiments I/we did in 2015. And I thought it would be fun to review them as a superlatives list! 

Most Fun to Repeat: December 2014 Habit: Advent (the recap)
It takes a little work up front but is so joyful to carry out. We're already repeating it!

Biggest Success: No Spending January (the recap)
Some of the tactics have really stuck with me and we saved about $700! This is a great thing to repeat once a year or whenever we're feeling a tight wallet.

Biggest Contributor to Happiness: Love Note February (the original post)
I was smiling most of February. The happiness I felt came from a combination of feeling gratitude and then actually sharing how I felt to and about people. <3

Stickiest (or Longest Lasting): Mornings March (the recap)
I continue to do my Morning Routine most days! Every once in a while, I'll get out of the habit, feel the shift, and remember to get back to it. I'm more productive and calm with it and a little scattered without. (+ Tips on Creating a Morning Routine)


Most Eh: Asana April (the recap)
I just didn't notice any changes. It was one of the simplest and stickiest for Greg though! 

Biggest Failure: Mindful Eating May (the recap)
Even though I logged as being pretty successful at this, I'm just not a mindful eater. I'm a mindful meal planner, pay attention to portions and try to shop for good quality food but I almost always wait too long to eat so this habit just isn't for me. (For the record, when Greg was successful at Mindful Eating, he lost the most weight including over the holidays!)

Biggest Bang for the Buck: June Habit: Mindful Drinking! (the recap)
This habit, especially tracking and maintaining water consumption, was the simplest way to physically feel good. I really think I had a little spring in my step. My illness happened to flare up so it wasn't the best month. It was simple though and I should do it again!

Most Grounding: Journaling July (the recap)
I'd like to say I've continued this habit because it is and was great. I record intentions and gratitudes as a part of my Morning Routine so that's something. It is helpful to know that I have this tool in my box when I feel the need for it. (Reminder that I used a notebook and Greg journaled digitally. He had a much harder time sticking with it.)

Best for the Introvert in Me: August: In Bed by 10 (the recap)
I love going to bed early! I was pretty anti-social but felt so content at the same time. :)

Most Potential: 5 Things A Day
We no longer feel the need to do this habit but it's so helpful for anyone feeling the need to clear a little space. I have a feeling we'll have a repeat month or two when the baby starts to accumulate all that stuff.

+ I'm not including my habits from September through November but I wanted to mention them. My life completely stopped in mid-August due to morning sickness...
Our September Habit: No Drinking was obviously very successful for me. I had set the goal before finding out I was pregnant so on top of all the other ways my lifestyle changed, this wasn't a big deal. Greg was a little more challenged by the task but he did really well! I think he forgot once or twice and had some of an offered drink but that was it. He was very patient that month ;)
My plan for October was to do Walktober, or adding a 30-minute walk daily. I would have loved to complete this. I did end up doing it about twice a week with help but mostly I spent the month on the bathroom floor. (If you have a wearable like a FitBit or use the Health app on your phone, this goal could also be to meet those 10,000 steps!)
November was going to be No-Car-vember which we've actually done before. I wanted to walk and take buses as much as possible to challenge my reliance on a car. Without trying, I was pretty successful because I rarely left the house but when I did, comfort was more important to me than... well, anything!

Those were my monthly experiments for 2015! I learned some new skills and a lot about myself. These small challenges are a great way to grow. I'm starting to plan some ideas for 2016, any thoughts?