Reflections on our February Habit: Love Notes

Love Note February has been amazing! The goal was to write a love note every day to inspire romance and friendship in my life. I wanted to share and feel more love! I handwrote or emailed love notes to Greg and a few other friends and loved ones. Greg received love notes at work, on his toothbrush, on his pillow and in the fridge. (We had an annoying fight one night and I kind of hated him when we got home but then the toothbrush love note was waiting for him despite my fleeting disdain. ;)

It was transformative to take the time to sit down and think about a person and what I love about them. Sharing it with them was a bonus and the few love notes I received in return were unexpected and super special.

Focusing on the love I have for others actually helped me feel more supported. A couple of major challenges hit me this month. I’m not fully recovered but kind of amazed at how I’ve been handling things. Surprisingly stable Jamie for the win!

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The one bummer is that I didn’t have a great success rate: 60%. I think I know why. Because of some travel and the challenges mentioned above, I was incredibly unsuccessful at sticking to my morning routine in February. The mornings I did it: achievement. The mornings I got caught up in something else: failure. I was considering the March habit to be something around foundations and this realization inspired me to renew my Morning Routine habit!

Although not every day, I’m going to continue writing love notes as much as I can. When I really need it, it may be hard to remember the power of sending somebody else love but I’m going to try! <3

+ A side benefit of all these notes: we used up all the leftover stationery/notecards we had sitting around. Also, the backs of receipts.