Lean Nursery

Hello! We've spent the last week or so waiting and doing little projects around the house and around town. They are helping us feel even more prepared but also helping us stay present in this time: all focused on my pregnancy and creating a loving space for Peanut.

For now, this is how our nursery looks as it awaits its new occupant. HIS LEAN NURSERY:

Most items aren't new. The wooden tree, lights, window seat and futon were all part of our Airbnb/Meditation setup. The hanging chair and ficus were items we've been eyeing for a while and finally got around to "installing". Love them! The rug is our one rug that gets moved from room to room. 

(closets to the right, including Greg's changing station ;)

So we basically bought (or were gifted) the crib, mattress and sheets, the changing pad and diaper pail (Greg insisted ;), and some clothing and bath/feeding cloths. We've decided to try out compost diapering instead of cloth to start with and I did get my free pump from insurance but we're hoping to focus just on breastfeeding for a while.

This room gets a ton of afternoon sun so we installed sheers and blackout curtains, both existing and just needing a hem!

Things change slightly here and there as we spend time in the room sitting and smiling. We've tried to keep the supplies and gear pretty basic. We've chosen to display a few decor items from loved ones. Since taking these photos a couple of days ago, we've also received a beautiful handmade quilt from my aunt!

Once we've used everything to see how we like them, I'll recap our Essentials. For now, we have a space to sleep, feed, change and hang out. We love this room and can't wait until there's a cute baby hanging out in here!