Lean Wrapping

We're almost there... Christmas, with the gifts and the wrapping and the unwrapping and then the trash. :/

I buy fewer physical gifts these days than I used to as I prefer to give my time, experiences or consumables (like our awesome honey!). But there are still a few occasions (like Christmas for nieces and nephews) where I'm not ready to give up wrapped gifts all together. I now produce less waste around the holidays but I'm still not up to Bea's amazing zero-waste standards.

My family has always been creative when it comes to gift wrap. My dad once even wrapped a guitar case like a giant snowman and had everyone fooled! So I grew up with and cherish the thoughtful presentation of gifts, but I also don't want to purchase, store and discard all of the gift wrapping supplies. Instead, I give you...

My Lean Wrapping Essentials:

1. One small exception to my paperless home is a roll of recycled brown paper that I use for wrapping, packing, and shipping. Brown paper can be used for any holiday, can be decorated or drawn on in any way, and is both 100% recycled and 100% recyclable! Oh, and it's like $5 and lasts me at least two years. Win win win.

2. I also keep a spool or two of real ribbon on hand... usually in a color that I can use at Christmas and throughout the year like green, red, gold, silver, blue or white. The ribbon dresses up any wrapped box and can easily be reused.

3. One roll of tape
4. One pair of scissors

So that’s Lean Wrapping for Christmas and the rest of the year. It takes only a few supplies to make gifts look pretty and festive!

Happy Christmas!