Ahhh. Let’s pause for a moment and take a deep breath. As we are recovering from a busy time of year, and as I sit in my home that is currently a construction site, I am remembering the importance of space. I believe that we need to actively make room for great new things to enter our lives.

Right now, drywall dust and plastic sheets line my hallway and rooms. I am missing the physical space that I’ve worked so hard to create. When my life feels this cluttered, either physically or emotionally, I start to close up. I do the bare minimum as I react to the urgent and then feel like I don’t have the capacity to take on more. I am no longer the creative, open, helpful person I’d like to be.

My little construction zone

My little construction zone

But when I step back and actively create space, something amazing happens! Space gives us the room to move and operate freely, to honor what we already hold dear, and for great new things to enter our lives. These principles apply to all of our spaces.

Creating physical space gives us physical room to carry out our day-to-day, unfettered and unimpeded. It allows more attention for our favorite objects, even making them easier to find! And it allows for the possibility of new favorites.

Reclaiming mental space helps us tune out and ignore the chatter, both ours and others’, so we can better listen to our intuition. It gives us room to be proactive and clear as we focus on the things we know to be important, not just urgent. And it opens us up to learning new skills and being more creative as we make space for new ideas to enter our heads.

Finding emotional space allows us to let things go and gain a different perspective. We can think of others more as we have the space for compassion. And it begins to open our hearts, making room for love and even new relationships.

Essentialism promotes finding this space: letting go of one thing—saying "no"—to make room for something else—saying "yes".

1. Create space in your week to do nothing. Block off 20 minutes, one day a week to just think, feel and listen to your intuition.
2. Spend some time alone in nature. Even a thirty minute hike or city walk will help clear your mind.
3. Create space in your closet by embracing a Lean Closet. Allow for room to grow, maybe even have an empty drawer!
4. Start a meditation practice to help quiet your mind. Try an app like Buddhify to help.
5. Leave space in your belly. Stop eating before you’re full and you might still have some energy left!

I’m giving us all permission to take the space we need this year so we can show up and be the people we want to be. What are you going to make room for?

“I need silence and solitude to create a buffer against the daily barrage of information and challenges.” - DVF