June Inspiration

+ A lot of what I do at home and for work is about contracting/simplifying/letting go. One of the reasons I do this is to create room for expansion/potential/inspiration. Here are some of the things that have inspired me, or at least made me smile, this month:

1. I enjoyed meeting Linda, owner of Yonder in Pacifica. We started chatting about creativity and martial arts, and 45 minutes later, I was finally browsing the goods. I picked up an awesome stone-like owl and really admired her beautiful, California-coast-inspired ceramics.

2. There are a few Essentialism gems in this article from entrepreneur.com, How Successful People Work Less and Get More Done. “Disconnecting is the most important weekend strategy on this list, because if you can’t find a way to remove yourself electronically from your work Friday evening through Monday morning, then you’ve never really left work.” Disconnecting and morning routines we’ve discussed but they also suggest weekly reflection and preparing for the upcoming week. More on those later. ;)

+ Also, this post on morning routines and creativity: “The problem is that our minds are their most delicate in the morning. Sleep during the night has cleared out any by-products of the day before, and the result is that we can think more clearly (and more creatively) if we only allow our morning mind to “sync” with everything our subconsciousness has sorted through during the night.“

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3. More shows! I had a fun week seeing Palma Violets at a small dive bar one night and then Sufjan Stevens at a grand theater the next. Both were inspiring but Sufjan killed it… there wasn’t a dry eye in the room.

4. Speaking of Sufjan, I’ve decided to share a Spotify playlist that I update monthly! I’m adding new songs from the month but also a few that have come up in talking to or thinking about friends. Let me know what you think. <3

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5. An experiment in extreme Essentialism in Joshua Tree! “The experience was truly unforgettable, and has made me an infinitely more discerning consumer of objects, space and time. While old habits die hard, my new-found awareness has allowed me to take a few steps back and consider whether or not my daily conventions are truly rational, or simply inherited.”

6. I once had a crazy desire to own a vacation cabin (in Tahoe, on the beach or in wine country) but the idea of the cost and maintenance didn't sit well with me. This was a prime motivation for embracing Essentialism... I decided that I wanted to make our primary home feel like a vacation home: less crap lying around, fewer distractions, more space. Colin Wright communicates this idea nicely. “Cabins are beautiful, but even more magnificent is a self-aware person who is able to imbue any space, or lifestyle, with that same intentionality and significance.“

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7. I'm noticing Serene Guest Bedrooms now that we’re renting ours on Airbnb! Plus new mattresses.

8. The latest phase of our home renovation finally wrapped up this month! The best part so far (other than #7) is our outdoor shower in the lightwell off our bedroom. I celebrated by showering out there multiple times this month, even in the rain. It’s amazing. More on naked leisure from A Cup of Jo.

9. This cute book offering simple ideas for living a healthier life: “IF YOU LEARN ONLY ONE YOGA POSE...”, “SIMPLE SECRETS FOR A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP” and “DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE FOR AT LEAST 10 MINUTES A DAY.”

10. Meditation is definitely an essential in my life... for mental health, physical health, productivity and clarity. I usually do a daily guided or unguided meditation and when it's available, I LOVE Oprah's guided meditations. Her next free 21-day Meditation Experience with Deepak begins on July 13th. I have the app on my phone and can do it anywhere. Register now!

Mine has been a solitary, healing, back-to-basics June. Yours?

+ Some of my favorite people are Geminis so happy birthday to all of you! xo