January Habit: Cut the Cable and a December Habit Recap

Last week we had a comical evening of taking down our 8’ Christmas tree by throwing it over our back railing and then dragging it out to the curb. I’m a pretty weak and large pregnant lady and apparently the tree hadn’t taken in any of the water we gave it three weeks earlier. It was an adventure ;)

Sigh… it’s time to finally move on from the holidays and get serious about next month’s habit.

Since the beginning of January, I decided to Cut the Cable and not only get rid of cable tv but change my viewing habits. Yes, we had cable… not for years but we got it back again for football season. Since I’m a productivity and simple living junkie, it's sometimes a surprise that yes, we own a tv. Well, it’s not ours (we’re babysitting it) but it’s in our Living Room and quite large.

January Habit: Cut the Cable
I’m ready to change my relationship to tv. Again. Things were going well and then we got cable and I got morning sickness and stopped going out and then holiday movies. It once again became a comfort to me. These are the things I’m already changing for January:

+ Return the cable box. (This not only saves at least $50/month but also the crazy cost of added electricity which can be around $10/month.) Done a couple of weeks ago!

+ Give up any screens for entertainment after dark unless Greg and I have predetermined plans to watch something together. (Greg doesn’t love watching tv.)

+ Continue to go to very few movies and watch very few movies at home.

+ As a replacement, I’m going to read more (hence the pile of library books), sleep even a little bit more, and play some puzzles/games.

Some may think this is the easiest experiment... others, the hardest. Entertainment watching creates a big divide. If tv weren’t a fave of mine, I’d cut out internet videos or social media. Both things I don’t really do. Greg’s trying to give up internet surfing after 9p.

The timing of this is a little silly as I’m home in the evenings so much more now that I’m pregnant and going out less, working out less, and working less. Feeling stuck at home with a newborn might make it even harder but I’m trying to reset healthy habits before Peanut arrives.

We have less than three months left and just two more monthly experiments. We’re thinking about some habits we’d like to have in place, easing the transition. I have a feeling, come April, survival will be the priority and experiment for a while. :D

Reflections on our December Habit: Advent:

(Making Greg's Grandmother's Slovakian Beehive Cookies!)

(Making Greg's Grandmother's Slovakian Beehive Cookies!)

As expected, our (adult) experience advent calendar was a success. We had really nice holidays. The advent calendar helped keep them cozy, festive, yummy and full of family! The goal was to do a merry little something every day to help celebrate and be present with the season. We took a few days off but still managed to do 29 activities, big and small. It was a wonderful way to spend our last holiday season without a little one.