Bulk Shopping vs. Bulk Shopping

It’s funny… I used to be confused when I heard that bulk shopping can save you money. How does buying more than you need save money? How does a weekly $100 Costco trip save money? I obviously had the wrong kind of bulk shopping in mind.

I'm not anti-Costco but stores like it promote organized hoarding. They feed our clutter epidemic in this country. They profit from our feelings of scarcity and we rationalize the waste. We like feeling more secure and also to think that we're getting a good deal.

(The bulk of Costco  via )

(The bulk of Costco via)

But when did we start to want our homes to look like a store? I used to dream of having a stocked, organized fridge with lined-up bottles of soda and water, and maybe a row of champagne. (You know, just in case somebody stops by and we need to celebrate something. ;) We like our bookshelves to look like a book store. We want rooms with neatly organized crafts and multiple rolls of wrapping paper.

If storing an excess of something brings you nothing but joy and you can afford it, then great! If not, maybe look at your purchasing habits. Are you doing it by default or because you think you should or because the world might end or because you think it saves money? Shop intentionally and let the store store the stuff!

(The bulk bins of a store like Rainbow)

(The bulk bins of a store like Rainbow)

I've since discovered the kind of bulk shopping that actually saves money and resources: Bulk Bins. Here's how they compare to Bulk Stores:

+ For a primer on Bulk Bin Shopping, check out Zero Waste Shopping!