figuring out what’s important, learning to let go of the rest!

Hey there, I’m Jamie and I like to help people edit their lives. I live in San Francisco in a super cute house with my super smart husband. We had a painful year in 2010 and I got really sick... our life had to change so we decided to reexamine things and become practicing essentialists.

Essentialism is the art of figuring out what’s important to you and learning to let go of the rest. It requires you to live intentionally, which helps align your actual lifestyle with your values. For me, this process has created physical space and mental clarity that have transformed my life. Living leaner has made my life greater.

I studied visual and information design in school and worked as an art director in the beauty industry through my 20’s. Decluttering closets was one of my favorite hobbies growing up, so yeah, I’ve always been organized and interested in systems and visual order.

Now I work with clients to help them organize their values and streamline their lives. I share my journey and lifestyle here

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